Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing

Amarillo Plus LLC offers a full corporate housing service in Houston, Texas. During your business trip in the city, you will find all the comforts that your workers need; we present a variety of houses and furnished apartments to fit the needs of your organization and make your stay as comfortable as possible.

You can book your accommodation in one of our properties in the city of Houston; we have the best places and a residential environment to give to you a family atmosphere, all of it at the best prices and with the best quality of the city.

If you are interested in our corporate housing services, you can contact us, and stay in our properties for as long as you need, agree on the number of rooms and the Houston area you prefer.

If your stay is longer than 7 days it is advisable to use the corporate housing service, you will be saving costs, this accommodation has the same services as a hotel, But at a lower price and with more amenities, the space is much more spacious, have kitchen, living room, several rooms, and study room, you have all the amenities that a home offers.

The cleaning service offered by the corporate housing is less invasive, since cleaning is done once or twice a week, so, you will have more privacy. It has the convenience of receiving visits from friends and family in a large space, some of the apartments have common areas that allow you to socialize with neighbors.

At Amarillo Plus LLC we offer you an affordable, friendly and efficient service in the city of Houston.

Another advantage of the corporate housing is greater security, you feel more comfortable having amenities such as appliances. At Amarillo Plus LLC we located it on the Houston site that suits your needs and its budget, you should not deal with intermediaries and you will get the best cost / quality.